The Wild Owl garden is an amazing back garden nature reserve at Ian's home in Yate, South Gloucestershire, England. It is the main location for Wild Owl Nature Diaries videos on the You Tube channel.

Great Tit on Hand DSC_2553 (2).jpg


Over 50 species of birds have been recorded either in or over the Wild Owl garden including great-spotted woodpecker, siskin, goldcrest, blackcap, grey heron and even kingfisher.

My neighbours often complain that ‘all the birds are in your garden…’ - I wonder why?

Smooth Newt DSC_0810.JPG


The garden and pond offer the perfect habitat for amphibians like smooth newts, common frogs and toads, as well as slow-worms.

Not only does the pond offer easy entry & exit to these creatures, the surrounding wildlife areas also offer refuge for emerged animals

Ashy Mining Bee (3).jpg


Bees are precious insects that are vital to life on our planet - the garden attracts a wide variety of species including honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees, with the solitary bee insect houses full of red mason bees and leafcutter bees every year.

Speckled Wood Butterfly IMG_1861.JPG


Most common garden butterflies visit the Wild owl garden including common blue, speckled wood, red admiral, holly blue, comma, peacock, large white, small white, orange tip, meadow brown, small tortoiseshell and others.  

As the garden develops and we grow a wider variety of food plants & nectar we hope to add to this list of colourful insects.

Badger DSC_0088.JPG


Badgers are regular visitors to the garden and in the Spring & Summer visit most nights. Foxes also visit and bats fly over the garden in the summer and have even roosted in the house facia.

The garden is also home to populations of wood mouse and bank vole.

Privet Hawk Moth P1020058 (2).JPG


With over 2500 moth species in the UK the list of those recorded in the Wild Owl garden looks rather modest at just over 200 but me & my partner Jackie plan to introduce new food plants to attract and identify a whole lot more or these insects and increase our tally of recordings year on year.

Ichneumon Wasp DSC_4084.JPG


We plant a wide variety of species in our small space and together with our space being chemical free, all sorts of wonderful insects have been recorded over the years.

Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly P1010529.j


With a large wildlife pond the garden inevitably attracts dragonflies & damselflies including broad-bodied chaser dragonfly, southern hawker dragonfly, emperor dragonfly, red darter dragonfly, blue tailed damselfly etc

Visit the Wild Owl Nature Diaries You Tube channel to see a large collection of video diaries featuring the wildlife in the Wild Owl garden